Implantology Rome: New Teeth Immediately

What is implantology

An "implant" that set of dental techniques ranging from the design of the implant dentures in arcades jawbone.

The ultimate goal is to give patients implant artificial teeth quite similar to natural teeth for mechanical functionality and aesthetics.

The operation itself is not particularly complex, but the preparatory phase, in particular the design, implementation and preparation of artificial teeth, require special precautions and analysis time is not indifferent.

This is true in systems of parliamentarian Italian school , which provide for the immediate placement of the artificial tooth on the metal base (the facility), unlike what happens with the Swedish school that employs a time between 2 and 6 months after the first before surgery to restore the patient of new teeth.

How to prepare prosthesis

Plants and artificial teeth are designed to have a life similar to or greater than the patient's life: science education more protracted speak at least 25 years, so are more than enough to cover the need for use of the vast majority of patients.

Remains crucial, however, that in the stage prior to the realization of the dental arches are carefully plumbed concerned, since even only small gaps between the teeth or mobility of a few millimeters can compromise not only the prosthesis itself, but also the health of the entire mouth, favoring other diseases or straining the adjacent structures. , in addition to having one of the most competitive prices in the market, funding formulas and personalized experience of over 25 years in the service of the smile of his patients, offers you a chance to personally test the quality and professionalism of the group with an initial free consultation.

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